The One With Fake Freckles.


When I first saw someone post about "fake freckles" a couple years back, I thought maybe they were joking. I've spent most my life unsuccessfully trying to cover up my freckles, so I was like "What the FRECK?" (...That was funnier in my head.) When I was a teenager, I thought freckles just made me look like a little kid, and then I got older, and I thought they aged me (which, they might?), but still.. explain how that works!

Fast forward a few years and throw in a pandemic for good meausure, and a new brand based out of Canada called Salty Face was born. Since I'm a sucker for women-run companies, clean beauty, and free shipping, I decided to get both products they launched with. When they arrived, I played around with the freckle stain first, and I was actually surprised by how much fun I had. Because I have such uneven skin tone and quite a few dots and spots already, I feel like this is just what I needed to really embrace the fact that I'll never have porcelain smooth skin. I realize I may look back and chalk this up to another result of 2020 boredom, but in the mean time, I give this an 8/10 for being an affordable and temporary way to shake things up. 


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