My Complicated Relationship with The Gap.

When I was a kid I loved The Gap. No one made a better overall, or a better graphic tee that said "Gap" across the chest. ;) In 7th grade, my love for Gap ended abruptly when the most popular girl in my social studies class leaned over to the token 6-foot-tall boy in junior high and said "Her backpack is from Gap. The place that makes clothes FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY." They both laughed and ate their Funyuns and right then, I decided to never wear Gap again. 

But then almost 20 years went by, and I remembered that they actually have the best basics, really great sweats + sweatshirts (and honestly, I would know), and if you can dedicate 30 minutes of swimming through a sea of neon graphic tees online, you'll discover some gems. So today, in spite of that cool girl from my 3rd hour social studies class, I've done a little round-up, and the search is on me! See below for my current favorites from Gap, and be sure to use one of their promo codes. Because as far as I can tell, you can essentially get an extra 40% off most days of the year. ;) 


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