Labor Day Weekend.

Yesterday we decided to head north for some adventure and we had… a bit of a rocky start. Twenty minutes in, one of our kayaks nearly flew off the roof of our car on the freeway, which left us with no other choice but to cram 3 kayaks IN the van with us. 😂 In theory the drive was pretty short so any potential discomfort would have been tolerable, but then we hit holiday traffic and road work, and our 3 hour drive there turned into a 5+ hour one. 😅 We were losing the day light from our day trip, and I began to get frustrated and curse Arizona and Labor Day for ruining our plans. Eventually we got there though, and it was so fun and peaceful and beautiful. We were able to make some priceless memories with our girls and, I don’t know, I think there’s a life lesson there. One that I’ll likely forget again next time things aren’t going smoothly, but, hopefully not.🤞🏻


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