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Honestly, seeing what others buy from TJ's is as interesting to me (if not more!) as seeing other peoples I don't know,  what are people curious about? Skincare routines? Browser histories? ;) Thought I'd share some of our family favorites, as well as some extra things I added to my cart the other day to try out. I can never leave without at least 2 bags of these caramel bites, a bag of Elote Corn Chips to dip into guacamole or pimento dip, and Everything But the Bagel seasoning. (Here's 50 things to sprinkle it on!) A little bird told me to try out the strawberry licorice last week and it did not disappoint, and I got some burrata so I can make this burrata salad on repeat. I always grab a pack of their flatbread to toast and add to any meal, and I threw in some Brussel sprouts and Gnocchi so I can make this recipe. Kettle Corn because it's my favorite (seriously, if there was a secret video taken of me eating this, I'd be mortified), and the beets and carrots so I can make this. What are YOUR Trader Joes staples? Would love to hear them! 


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