Groundhog Day

Recently I heard someone compare their life as a parent to Groundhog Day, and I laughed and could relate pretty well. Each day I wipe down the same countertop spills after every meal, fold the same tiny clothes into 4 different piles on the floor, drive the same carpool route, buy the same groceries, brush out the same tangles, etc. But sometimes! Sometimes I look over at a moment like this 👆🏻 and I’m smacked in the face with the realization that these days (though hard/monotonous/long/chaotic) are the best days. (cliche, I know!) Seeing the light pour through our dirty windows just enough to highlight Lola’s messy crown braid, her rosy blush-covered cheeks, and her sweet grin as she caught me sneaking a picture of her in dress-up and a candy necklace? Oh man. IF ONLY I could freeze time and ‘Groundhog Day’ life with these little girls right now. They may coat all my belongings in spit up, nail polish, and/or Nutella most days, but boy are they magic. ✨


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