Selling Suunday.

A few months back we received an offer from someone to purchase Shop Suunday (!!), which was super flattering and only that. I hadn’t really planned to sell my 2nd “business baby“, but with the arrival of our 4th ✨ real baby + a new year approaching, the timing of it all just made sense. (And if I’ve learned anything these last couple years as my kids only get older and busier, it’s that things do NOT slow down as they grow!)⠀

I’m sure there will be days when I regret selling, but for the time being, I’m feeling really good about the bittersweet decision to slow down and simplify… and more than anything, I’m so excited to watch Suunday continue to grow! Anyway, thanks so much for always supporting me in my ever-changing 😅 and big dreams, friends. You guys make really great cheerleaders.


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