A couple months ago we stumbled upon insanely cheap tickets to Paris and we couldn't say no. I mean, we could have.. but that would have been dumb. Who needs savings anyway!? ;)  The first 10 days of our Summer were spent exploring a brand new place, pushing our family outside of our comfort zone and routines, Geoff and I taking a little step back from work, and removing the girls from all their friends and toys and having them all to ourselves. It was hands down the best way to kick off our Summer together. This video is super long but we went hard this trip-- I feel like we really didn't waste a single minute. Eating on the go, napping on the go, and so much walking and sight-seeing, my girls were total champions and hardly ever complained. I was so proud! They say Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and I have to agree. I fell even more in love with my crazy crew and fell pretty hard for the city as well. Au revoir Paris, we love you!

I wrote up a little guide of places we visited and loved over on the Alice + Ames blog here, in case any of you have plans of traveling to France with your family soon. People were so helpful to offer tips and suggestions before we left, I figured it'd be nice to pay it forward. :)

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