Polar Express, 2016

Some snapshots from our time at the Polar Express this weekend. It's so fun to look back at photos from the last time we rode on the Polar Express and see all that's changed. One extra baby, two older girls, and even more holiday magic felt! It made me so happy to see Ivy break out of her shell and let the Christmas joy take over. She couldn't refrain from dancing in the aisles and belting out along with the carols. Lola spent most the time sipping hot chocolate and peering out the freezing cold window. When Frances wasn't dancing up and down the aisles with two cookies in hand, she was holding tightly to us, wide-eyed and a little nervous waiting for Santa's debut. It was such a good night, and ended with a sleepy and quiet drive home. Ahh, Christmas time. The best time. 

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