Christmas Cards 2015

The kitchen table topped with blank envelopes and cards could only mean one thing--- It's Christmas time! My favorite early holiday tradition has become stuffing, sealing, and stamping our cards with the girls. I feel like it officially kicks off "Christmas time" and it makes for a fun little project they can help with. They like to stick the stamps in the corner "just so", and love to help me think of any family or friends we may have forgotten on our "to send" list. A couple favorite suggestions this year were to make sure we send one "to Dad!" and also "to that super nice lady with the curly hair from that one restaurant!" On it, guys. Thanks.

With how quickly the holidays are sneaking up on us-- I decided to keep things as simple as possible and let Tiny Prints do all the work. My new favorite must-have when sending out this many cards is the return address stickers that seal the envelopes for me. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and are able to squeeze in as many of your favorite traditions within the next 25 days!

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