the oldest

Last night Geoff and I went to our very first parent teacher conference (!!!). Not only did it make us feel super old, but a bit emotional, too. We both may have totally teared up while her teacher was singing her praises. I was feeling so many mixed emotions; extremely proud that she's excelling and learning so much, relieved that she's behaving so well, and a little bit guilty for walking in that cute little kindergarten room expecting the worst. I've noticed I'm always underestimating my own kids, and it's the kind of thinking that I need to quit. Everyday she surprises me with how innately good she is and how hard she tries to be a nice person, she really deserves so much more credit.

What really caused the waterworks was when her teacher told us a little story about how well she gets up and speaks in front of the classroom. She said she's always amazed how such a tiny little thing can get up  in front of everyone, loudly speak into the microphone, and confidently lead the class. If I fail terribly at this entire parenting thing, all I can ask for is that I raise confident girls. I have no idea how to make sure of that, so this story-- while probably pretty insignificant to anyone else, meant so much to me. Anyway, thank you Ives. You're our oldest, and we have no idea what we're doing.. so thanks for going easy on us.

Ives' little dress from Alice + Ames

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Unknown said...

You guys are doing a bang up job! Congrats on the small but fierce force of nature! You rock, Ivy-girl!