Frankie girl, 8 months old

Franco girl is definitely the 3rd child. I'm pretty sure I had every sneeze and smile of Ivys documented, while here I am randomly posting updates every few months about Frances. Shame on me!

Anyway, Frances is a little love. She's a total Mamas girl and I don't hate it. She's been our best traveler (as shown above of her snoozing through her last flight), our most shy, and also our busiest. She's constantly on the go, crawling around from room to room and getting into ev-er-yyyy-thing. She has such an innocent look on her face half the time that it's kinda easy to ignore the messes. She lives for bath time, meal time, and trying to keep up with her Sisters. Speaking of them, they're obsessed with her. After nap time they can't jump in her crib fast enough. Lola especially has a really special relationship with her that we love to watch grow every day.

Frances is really good at being the youngest. We all admittedly coddle and smother and spoil her to death, but it hasn't seemed to go to her head quite yet. ;) We love her chunky arms, her dark (for us!) coloring, and her scratchy little voice that likes to repeat "mama" and "dada" throughout the day. Thanks for being the best little caboose to our family, Frankie girl!

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