Lola James, two.

Geoff snapped this picture of Lola sometime in the middle of the Summer and I've probably looked at it 20x since we got it developed. It somehow makes me want to smile, laugh, and cry, all at the same time. This girl is hilarious and has no shortage of personality. We have strangers stop to tell us how funny her sassy little walk is or how cute her mannerisms are, and we have to agree. There's something about Lola that makes you want to watch her all day, she's a riot.

Since she's settled into her two year old self, we've noticed some minor differences in her temperment. Everything seems to be just a little bit louder, a little bit bigger, and a little bit more dramatic. She still dances every single time she hears a beat, loves to be outside, sports a swimming suit 90% of the time, wants to be doing everything her big sis is doing, and can throw down a donut in record time. She usually sports a smile, but if she's not, steer clear. She's taken on a real passion for using the phrase, "I don't WANT to!" with much gusto, and insists on doing absolutely everything by herself.

She kisses my tummy every night before bed and if I shut the door before she can say "G'night Mama, I yuv you!" at least 3-4 times she throws a fit. She's as stubborn as they come but the first to empathize with someone who is hurt or sad. She's obsessed with her Dad and if she wakes up before he has to leave for work and actually witnesses him drive away, I can kiss the morning goodbye. She cries for a solid 20 minutes and asks to go "to Dada's office" at least 20 more times throughout the day. She also loves her grammies and papas and asks for them whenever she's mad at me. Often times I catch her "calling" her Grammy on her fake cell phone and making grand plans with her for the afternoon.

She's got her Sister wrapped around her finger and sweet Ivy has grown to be incredibly patient with her demands (most the time). They love to cause mischief together, and rule-follower Ivy loves to have a little scapegoat like Lola to test the waters with. They're the best of friends, they're the worst of friends, and watching them interact and take care of each other has been the highlight of being their Mama so far. I can't wait to throw another little girl in the mix in a few months and see this girl have her turn as big sister! Keep being our best little two year old, Lola James. We love you!

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jan said...

That smile of hers says it all!