catch up.

A little Instagram catch up to prove I'm still alive (barely!). October has been jam-packed with work and fun but unfortunately we've had our fair share of colds, croup, laryngitis, strep throats, and ear infections to top it off. (I swear we wash our hands!) Despite all the sick days and many sleepless nights, we've been able to squeeze some fun and smiles in there somewhere. We're ready for you, November!

*All pictures snapped from my trusty iPhone and uploaded to my Instagram, because I've somehow just recently discovered the beauty and simplicity of Chatbooks. Why didn't someone tell me about these sooner!? So user-friendly, so cheap, and no more guilt for never getting my behind to the Costco photo center to print phone pictures. I can't wait to fill my bookshelves with these cute little books, you could say I'm a lifer.

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Unknown said...

Came across your blog a long time ago. I love your styling, your photography and your beautiful girls! So happy for your new addition as well.