almost 4

Ivy at almost four years old is: silly, sensitive, miniature, curious, dramatic, caring, particular, animated, talkative. She loves to color, paint her nails, use her imagination, and prefers to wear lipstick every day of the week. She is obsessed with tiny things, is a professional bedtime staller, and is absolutely terrified of the dark. Her choice last meal would be a cold glass of chocolate milk and a side of goldfish crackers. She loves babies and learning and is constantly asking questions in public that make me want to jump out the window. "Mom, why does that man have a baby in his belly?" "Mom is that an ooooooold woman?" etc. etc. 

Embarrassing questions and all, we love our tiny, inquisitive, big girl. 

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Ashley Madsen said...

How is she almost 4?!?!?! That flew by!