Spring kicks.

Soft Star Shoes sent over these little gems the other day and they are totally my new favorite! They feel so comfortable and flexible, and Lola feels so fancy marching around the house in her shiny new kicks. I got to design them myself on their site which was so cool, I loved being able to personalize each pair for my girls. I'll admit it was hard deciding on a style, leather and lace colors, and which motif I wanted, but the nice part was that there wasn't really a way to go wrong. Another thing I love about this company is that everything in their shop is handmade to order in Oregon, where they use only natural, formaldehyde-free leather and non-toxic dye to create each one-of-a-kind shoe.

Are you sold yet? Cause I'm already trying to decide which pair we want next. Head on over to their site to design your own pair for only $30. Thanks Soft Star, we will definitely be return customers!

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Yay! Shout out for Soft Star! They make these right near here in the town my husband and I fell in love. Our first baby boy comes this spring and I can't wait to see him sporting a pair of these. Oh, yep, he's kicking. He can't wait either.