thankful for the girls in my house

My little Ivy has always been a definite "girly-girl" if you will. From day one, she was crossing her tiny bird legs like a little lady in that NICU crib. When she started crawling around is when we discovered her disdain for messy hands and knees. When she learned to talk is when the requests for more bracelets, more necklaces, and ONLY dresses started coming in. Her collection of nail polish, princess paraphernalia, and hair accessories has only grown over the last couple years, and she has even put "makeups" on her 2013 Christmas list. (Forget it, Santa.)

While sometimes this Fancy Nancy behavior kind of gets in the way (I find myself saying, "Go get messy!" probably more than a lot of parents), it's actually a lot of fun. Tucking her in at night means long conversations about what her favorite colors are (pink most nights... sometimes rainbow), which Princess wears the prettiest dress, and fictional bedtime stories about visiting Disneyland with Merida and Sophia the First. We get to bond over manicures, snuggle up and read Pinkalicious, and bake together with cute aprons on. I'm so lucky to have two tiny daughters and sometimes need to remember to embrace how sweet and magical little girls are, even when one of them (cough cough, ivy) is throwing a fit about a dirty lola-handprint on her shirt. Or when they're both crying about hurt feelings or the wrong colored headband. And all the other stuff that comes with the territory of raising  sensitive, fiesty little girls.

The other night I came home with some new clothes for the girls (I can't keep up with their growing!) and when I told Ivy I got her some new church outfits, her face lit up and she looked as if she was going to happy-cry. She kept repeating, "Oh you are so nice! I am so nice! This makes me so happy! I love you! Thank you Mama!" It was adorable and kind of ridiculous in every way. I don't know, I guess with it being Thanksgiving week and all, I just thought it was appropriate to give thanks for my two tiny ladies, who are my little built-in-best-friends-forever. I love my big girly-girl and her slightly less girly little Sis that gets into everything and is happiest covered in mud. She balances out our world over here perfectly and being both of their MAAAMA!'s is the best thing ever.



Meagan said...

Are you kidding me? You are so beautiful. And smoking hott. Both of them.

And this made me really excited for two little girls.

Lissa said...

I love this. My 3 yr old gets so excited for ANYTHING I get. I bought a vacuum and he didn't stop thanking me or telling me how awesome I was for a good half hour. Like mother, like son :)

Ashley Madsen said...

This picture is both "HOT MOMMA!" and so so sweet at the same time.

About me said...

You are stunning!