family pictures 2k13

It's happened, the Sloans have done it again. I just got sent a sneak-peek-link to their blog post of our pictures this morning and I couldn't love our images more! The Sloans have always had a way of capturing our little crazy family in a way that no one else can. Even with a tired baby and a sassy toddler, on an overly gloomy and dust-stormy day, they managed to kill it. Thank you Matt + Angie, we love them and we love you guys! (I'm sure I'll be posting a million more once we get all the images back, because that's what I do.)

Check out the full session, here.


casey said...

These are just amazing! Love the vibe! And your dress! Beautiful... Could you tell us where it is from?

Rebeka said...

That bottom picture needs to be framed immediately, it's just so. good.

Topsy and Havoc said...