16 monther

Lola James is well over 16 months now and there's a lot to say about this funny girl. For instance, she continues to win us over with her sweet and strong personality every single day. She's a determined little thing who knows what she wants and is able to stand up for herself just fine. She babbles "mama" and "dada" all day long with the occasional "dank-you!", "wuss dat?", and "hiiii!" in between.

I think her resting facial expression is a subtle smile, and her happiness is contagious. She's so affectionate towards family and friends, and has no problem cuddling up for a snuggle break throughout the day. We love her little figure and the way she confidently marches around with her chest and belly puffed out and her big booty fishtailing behind.

Loleys interest in stuffed animals, real animals, and huge gulps of ice water is still at an all-time high. She tries her hardest to keep up with the older kids, and is actually doing a pretty good job. She desperately wants to sit in a big-girl car seat already and loves to dress up like her sis. When she wakes up she immediately begs for a headband to wear and anxiously bee-lines straight to her highchair for breakfast.

Lo still naps like a champ and wakes up with the frizziest bed-head and rosiest cheeks. She loves to put her shoes on and ask to go "ow-siii?" to strut around the hood and push her sisters bike around. She really likes to hold my hand, loves to be 'hall monitor' at church, and will try to do almost everything all by herself.

We sure love you Loley Bear, keep being good.


jan said...

What's not to love about Loley Bear!?

ellen said...

Seriously awesome photo.