winter prep

I love Winter more than anything, but my only complaint is how cruel it can be on my skin, hair, and health. (And I don't even live in that cold of a place, so I can't imagine what would happen in worse circumstances!) The only way to describe how I feel all Winter long, is kinda like I've just had a baby. My hair gets all dry and brittle, my skin gets even paler,  my immune system crashes, and then of course I get this nice soft (-er than usual) center from all the extra holiday treats. (PS- If you're confused by my example because all that stuff doesn't happen to you right after having a baby, then walk away.) Anyways, this year I've promised myself to do away with all that and keep up good habits throughout the Winter. Below are a few things I'm thinkin' will keep me motivated and healthy throughout the colder months. (Because if a cute workout ensemble doesn't motivate me, I don't know what will.)

1. coconut scrub // 2. burts salve // 3. self tanner! shh! // 4. nike fleece // 5. wunder unders // 6. nike frees // 
7. morrocan oil // 8. lotion // 9. ricolas // 10. yoga mat // 11. vintage tank // 12. running buddy 

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My Life as Whitney said...

I'm dying to try bobbi brown products! I didn't know they made lotion? I have a lulu lemon yoga mat that I love- winter is so hard! All I want to do is stay in my PJ's with my baby and bake and watch movies. Sigh. Off to the gym I go!