Ivy has been on a real sneak-into-our-room kick lately. It's when we finally head to bed late at night that we notice a big ole' 3 year old sprawled out across our queen sized bed, snoring with an exposed belly and socks over her hands (also a new thing she's been trying out). She's got sweaty baby hairs sticking to her forehead and you can really see the tiny red veins that mark the outside of her eyelids. Although it's only a brief moment of hesitation, (because I don't like getting punched and kicked in the face all night), it's really hard to move her back to her own sleeping quarters. There's not really another single moment like this one throughout the day, a moment where everything and everyone is 100% quiet and calm. In fact, it seems like things are just the opposite of that most the time.

 Around these parts, we're still experiencing an impressive number of temper tantrums from two opinionated kids that shall remain unnamed, a growth spurt in stuborness, and all the other loud, not-calm things that come with little ones. (One experienced toddler and one novice baby entering the field, oh-boi!) While some days it doesn't seem like bedtime will ever come, it does. And then I somehow instantly start to miss my little crazies who have finally fallen asleep. How do kids do that? They're like magic.

As Geoff usually carries our big girl back to her own bed, I tiptoe behind, and we take a moment to peek at each of our sleeping girls laying so sweetly together in the same room. We listen to the duet of their snores and deep breaths and soak in more of that quiet and calm that is so rare. Until one of them starts fidgeting or rolls over (SCRAM!), we stand there like a couple of creeps in the dark and wonder how we got so lucky. They are about as good as it gets, these two.


Unknown said...

i sneak in to see my little one asleep as well. don't they look so peaceful. but then she fidgets/moves and i can't get out of there quick enough thinking "please don't wake up. please don't wake up".

Lynsi said...

oh this made me cry! I love that time of night too, when you get to check on each of your sleeping kids and feel ever so grateful!
...Oh and I can relate like you wouldn't believe on having kids in the bed. A couple weeks ago there were several nights where I woke up to Rex, Ben AND Drew in our bed! Im surprised I didn't have a black eye by morning! Rough nights for sure, but I'm always too tired to move them back!

Tay said...

Eloise does that every night too... but after we are already in bed asleep... sooo... I get kicked in the face a lot these days.
Also.. I had a breakdown today because I feel like they are little bullies always ganging up on me! I heard of a mom telling her kids "I'm just a volunteer!"... and thats how I feel most days... "be nice to me! Im just a volunteer!"