toy room dreamin'

We just recently did our "Spring Cleaning" (and we'll call it Fall Cleaning to avoid sounding lazy) and it gave me the itch to revamp the house with some goodness! One of the rooms we cleared out was our toy room, and boy was that a piece of work! It started to become our "catch all" room to kids artwork, broken crayons, random kitchen utensils (?), etc. Now obviously I won't be adding all these toys and pieces of furniture to the room, (something about a budget and room size, blah blah blah), but I think it's a good idea board to start. Just cleaning out the room a little has created a space that the girls will play happily in for longer than two minutes (a feat!). I can't imagine if there were actually some worthwhile toys in there (then again like I said, they are happy playing with kitchen utensils). What are your secrets to keeping a small toy room fun, organized, and low-budget?


Unknown said...

That sofa! I want a good, leather sofa like that. I'm stuck with a cute but not comfy one I picked off of craigslist

Topsy and Havoc said...

If I can't have that sofa, no one can.

Bobby Jassos said...

Children like to play with toy. The play environment should favor them. That's why a toy room or play room is necessary.