Every morning when we first hear Lo waking up, we all sort of compete over who can get to her room the quickest (Ivy wins almost every time because she cries if she doesn't get to see 'her Lo' first.) Lo is the spunkiest, cuddliest, funnest little girl and we love her to death. She makes you feel like a million bucks with her million dollar smile, and has the loudest, highest squeel you've ever heard. She is obsessed with stuffed animals, puppies, and drinking water, and is quickly learning to love dress-up. (Thanks, Ivy!)

Lola has the clearest blue eyes that squint up till they're practically shut when she laughs. She's still got world class cheeks and the teeniest little nose that she loves pointing to when inquired about it. She's got these crooked little chiclet teeth with the cutest gap between the front two that I love. She's learning to swat at things (and other kids) when frustrated, and is starting to hear that foreign word "No" every now and then. When she does receive any form of warning or discipline, her world is completely shattered. She's a sensitive little soul and gets her feelings hurt easily.

I swear I'm not just saying this, but Lola is crazy jealous over me. Whenever Geoff is showing any affection at all towards me, she yells at him in gibberish, scowls, walks towards us, and hits him. Every. Single. Time. It's hilarious and Geoff now does it just to tease her. She's also not a total fan of Ivy and I cuddling, either. But that's another story. At the end of the day, I'm flattered at what a Mamas girl she's become.

The last thing I want to remember about Lo at this fun age (15 months already? What the!?) is her passion for dancing. If she sees you even reaching towards a Spotify account, she will start dancing like a maniac. She spins and twirls and leans back with her belly arched out, and always ends her performance on the ground with her booty shakin' in the air. Every dance party that goes undocumented makes me sad, I have got to get on that.

Anyway, I could proudly ramble on and on about Loley's sweet quirks and characteristics, but I'll stop while I'm ahead. We love every ounce of you, Lola James.You make this world a happier place.



Jessica Holly said...

Oh my gosh, she's the sweetest! I wish my little lady would respond to "no"- no matter how serious I make my face, she thinks it's hilarious!

White Family said...
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White Family said...

Love that girl! Will you please, please, please share a post with her dancing? That way, I can watch it any time I need to be cheered up. Her groovy moves would definitely do it!

Elizabeth Catherine said...

She's so sweet, I love to read about how much you love both of your children and embrace each of them in who they are as individuals!

Kendra and Nathan said...

So sweet! She is beautiful. Where did you get that top she has on in the first picture? One of my favorites of my Elizabeth's is a pretty neckline and I haven't seen anything like it until now!