I saw this little reminder last night and sorta fell in love with it. If there's one thing I could go back and drill into my 8th grade brain, it would be this. Well this and a few other things. For instance STOP working in the spirit store you idiot! You will eat 2 candy bars a day during 7th hour and you will gain like, 60 pounds. Also, don't wear your swimsuit underneath your clothes to school. Ever. Even on half days. It's weird and you'll be very uncomfortable all day long. Where was I going with this?  Ah yes, nervousness. I think it's safe to say I suffered from some pretty bad social anxiety as a teenager. I had a few very close friends who I was anything but shy in front of, but if you separated us I kind of shut down. I like to think I've come a long way, because those same friends who once witnessed me (literally) run away from an awkward situation (we're talking miles away here), have now labeled me as some sort of Chatty Kathy who embarrasses them in front of strangers and waiters and stuff. That sort of thing.

Anyway, thankfully the years of begging my Mom to pick me up from lunch every day in order to avoid sitting at a table full of strangers are far behind me. People don't really make me nervous at all anymore, but like everything-- I think there's always room for a little improvement. I think everyone has room for a little improvement when it comes to stepping outside their comfort zones, confronting somebody, starting simple conversations with those around them, etc. etc. I don't know, that's just what I think.

PS- Thanks for picking me up from lunch almost every day my junior year, Mom.


Daniel & Kelli McDowell Family said...

Had no idea we had this in common. You are such a social butterfly (one of the really pretty ones) I'd never have guessed.
I think more people struggle with social anxiety than others are aware. I think I had like 50% attendance my freshman year. You at least went to everything but lunch! :) I hid all day.
I'm still working on it. I need your sign. :)

Bri Lamkin said...

From one of my favorite Regina Spektor songs. :)

K. Garcia said...

We may have eaten too much candy in the Spirit Store, but working there was so much FUN! Don't tell me you really regret it. We even got to duct tape Emma to a tether ball pole one day, remember?

Tay said...

Ha! Oh this made me laugh out loud and brought back so many memories. I never knew you to be shy. you were always the one making us pee our pants.

White Family said...

You are so welcome for those lunch runs. I was in the best of company every day about 11:40 ish! xo

Jenna Robert said...

"Is that you downstairs Wyatt?!" (from upstairs). It's safe to say... YOUVE CHANGED :)

Jan's comment is amazing. Now quit talking to familiar-ish boys in the LAX airport already ;)