My phone says so

1. Ivys first day of music class // 2. Cousin cuddling (thanks to the iPad) // 3. Roadtrip milkshakes // 4. The day she kept calling me "Stace" // 5. Loley taking steps! 


White Family said...

Love that happy look on Lola that she is walking. Of course, she ALWAYS seems to have that happy look!

stephanie said...

lol im laughing at "the day she kept calling me stace" because she looks like she is deep in angry thinking mode... when i was little i used to write my mom notes ( okay so maybe not THAT little ) and I would sign them "figure it out".. ya know to really drive the point home that I was mad and I wanted her to take the extra .00005 seconds to figure out who wrote her that scathing note.. Have you ever read Tina fey's prayer for her daughter? look it up immediately.