Secret wedding weekend in the woods.

Last Saturday I got to take a little road trip to Sedona to shoot one of my oldest friends wedding elopements. It was so beautifully perfect and I felt honored to be one of two witnesses there. Congratulations Nadia, Ernest + Penelope, you three are a match made in Heaven! To see the rest of their day, you can go here.


Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

Congratulations! I've jumped to see the rest of pictures and they are so good! What a beautiful couple and location. Love her dress!

The cat, you and us

Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

I am SO happy for these two (plus baby P!). The photos are gorgeous, I'm so happy I've gotten to spend some time with you lately! xo

Unknown said...

That is simply beautiful! I'm not a big nature girl, but that looks really calm and lovely!

Greetings from Germany,



katilda said...

Her dress is divine and I can't even handle it. And her ring. Everything Nadia posts in my Instagram feed is always my favorite.

Unknown said...

Where did she get her ring from?? I love it!