long distance birthdays.

I'm feeling like a deadbeat Sister since all I'm doing to celebrate one of my oldest and closest friends is wish them a happy birthday online and if our schedules are lucky enough to align tomorrow, possibly cram in a quick Skype session. This will have to do until you get home Sister, I love you and cannot wait to make up for this day together! If Google is telling me correctly, it's about 6:00 AM Vienna time. That being said, I hope you dance right out of bed, eat lots of delicious food, shop at the prettiest stores, and of course-- party till the break of dawn.

love you!


Unknown said...

that beach photo is too much. sooo sweet.

s.s. bazodi said...

The mean dude vest!

Lynsi said...

awe! can't wait to give that girl a big hug too!

Unknown said...

That is really cute! Sure Shanna is touched, even if it's 'just the internet'.
Also, Vienna is a beautiful city...so if you have a chance to go there, definitly do so!

Greetings from Germany anda lovely weekend,

Birdy and Bambi