I can't believe my babe is one today! 
These past 12 months with Lo have been a whirlwind of slobbery kisses and high-pitched squeals and we've loved every minute of them. Loley is toying with the idea of walking these days, by standing in place with a huge proud grin spread across her face. She still proves to have the best appetite, and we have labeled her "Worlds Thirstiest Baby." She loves a nice cold glass of ice water, and consistently buries her chin to her chest and lets out a deep growl of approval after each gulp of the stuff. 

Lola has discovered how to "hold her own" if you will. She has a pretty killer grip that even a determined 3 year old couldn't grab from. This specific skill proves to be most beneficial when it comes to protecting her three favorite material things; the Apple TV remote, a hot pink stuffed animal monkey, and food or drink of any kind. Lo Bear loves to hide and be in small spaces. Her favorite place to be is directly under the coffee table, and if we're far from it she likes to sit there with a blanket thrown over her head and surprise us every now and then with a "peek-a-boo!" 

Lo still seems to be somewhat of a "Mama's girl" until she catches a glimpse of Grammy White. Then she's like, "Later!" Loley-pop is a total flirt and if she's ever being quiet at church or the store, it's probably because she's spotted a group of boys to smile and wave at for an extended period of time. The last thing I want to remember about Lo at this age is her love for dancing. The girl will find a beat in almost anything and sometimes I think before she even realizes it, she's busting a move. 

Lola James, you're everything. We love you!


Tay said...

I love this so much. You capture her so well I feel like I know her! And I just love her!

Tay said...

I love this so much. You capture her so well I feel like I know her! And I just love her!

Style After Hours said...

Wow, she is so darling! I love her name also! I am so excited for kids! You inspire me to take more photos!


Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

Happy Birthday to your little lady! XO

Rachel Zimm said...

happy 1st birthday, sweet Lola!