Tonto Natural Bridge

We took a last minute day trip up to cooler temperatures last weekend to see the Natural Land Bridge. We hadn't been up there since we were dating so it was fun to bring the girls back. Ivy loved looking for lizards and climbing around on the rocks, Lola loved trying to eat the rocks, and both loved wading in the cold water after that gruesome 15 minute walk down. It's the perfect adventure if you have little kids, or if you're a lazy adult-- which we qualify for both.


CassLangley said...

Gorgeous place and gorgeous pictures of course. I need to see if we have places like this nearby because I would love taking the kids somewhere like this.

Unknown said...

That is amazingly beautiful!

Grettings from Europe,

Bambi and Birdy

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous photos. What an awesome area to explore!!