where did that tiny month we call february go?

The weather these past few weeks has been incredible! We've played either in the hose or at the splash pad at least every day this week. It's equal parts amazing and equal parts I'm-terrified-for-August. I love being outside all afternoon, the days zoom by and the girls are just all-around happier. We've gotta get in as much of this as possible before summertime hibernation sets in, yikes on bikes.


katilda said...

oooh yep, it's totally go-time in Arizona! I met some girls for lunch today and while standing outside the restaurant I was like "is that...do I....sun....AM I SWEATING??" It was a glorious and terrifying moment all at once. Time to enjoy it before the heat sneaks in!

Chelsey Oliver: said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love your cute family! (and am super jealous of that amazing AZ weather I'm missing out on.)


sbk said...

these are the sweetest pictures. ever.

Unknown said...

Did you straighten Ivy's hair? I barely recognized her!