little valentines eve party

Valentines Eve morning we went to a little friends party where all the kids made marble paintings and treats for their Dads, ate heart-shaped sandwiches, and exchanged Valentines goodies with each other. It was adorable, thanks Lacy & Lindsay! I love having crafty and ambitious friends, because I am most certainly not either of those things. That being said, I was put in charge of the photo booth. My sister Shanna was able to come crash the party since it was her last day in the USA for a while, and I couldn't help but take pictures of her and my girls all morning- they love her like crazy. We'll miss you so much Shan! Hope you all had a happy Valentines day & Eve.


Rebeka said...

that bottom picture of shanna and lola needs to go in a frame.

also sweet lola has the pretties eyes and I want to wear ivy's cute outfit (complete with top knot).

Kelsey Bang said...

this looks so dang fun! what a cute idea and great pictures!

sbk said...

Brad is so jealous of the Ivy and Lo time I got...He misses them so much he can't stand it. So glad I got to soak up some time with you and the girls!


Unknown said...

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